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Acoustic Magnifiers

Standel first introduced Acoustic Magnifiers (self-powered speaker cabinets) in the ‘60s. Today, four decades later, the all new “Acoustic Magnifier” Line consists of two high performance, extension speaker systems with self contained, all-tube power units. Each Standel amplifier model is equipped with a signal output jack for connection to any Standel Acoustic Magnifier model, consequently an open ended power system is available.

AM-25L15 "Vintage Plus" - 25 Watts

The 25-AM15 is the ideal enhancement for the 25L15 when you want to double your power and speaker coverage for an extra big 25L15 sound. Cathode biased 807 duet featuring: hand built point-to-point tube circuitry, 5U4 tube rectifier, balanced XLR line output with level control, extension speaker jack, speaker impedance select (4Ω, 8Ω & 16Ω), send and return jacks for linking additional 25L15 amplifiers or additional Standel AM-25L15 powered speaker cabinets.

Classic Standel padded cream upholstery $2,700
Custom color upholstery for above add $100
Custom two-tone upholstery for above add $200
Custom hardwood cabinets Call

AM-100UL15 "Vintage Plus" - 100 Watts

The 100-PSL15 puts 100 watts of high-headroom tube power in an extension speaker cabinet. Ideal for additional power when used with the 100L15 combo. This fixed bias 6L6 quartet is hand built using point-to-point tube circuitry and features: Volume, lighted dial, extension speaker jack, line out & leather handle. Choice of speakers are JBL D130 (used) or special speaker request accommodated. Pull-out casters and deluxe padded cover included.

Durable black vinyl w/golden wheat cloth $2,700
Custom color vinyl & custom grill add $200
Classic padded cream upholstery w/oxblood grill add $400
Custom color padded upholstery & custom grill add $500
Custom two-tone padded upholstery & custom grill add $600
Custom hardwood cabinet & custom grill Call
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