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Model 484 Power Amplifier

Standel - Model 484

The Standel Model 484 is a no compromise, Class-A, 30 watt, rack mount power amplifier.

All too often, rack mount amplifiers have a reputation for lacking the feel and complexity of tone found in their combo amp counterparts. This critical difference has been addressed in the Standel Model 484.

The 484 will provide extraordinary results with any standard preamp, but, the ultimate intention of it's design is to be used with the Standel rackmount preamp.

The 484 features a military type power connector (on the rear panel) which provides power to the three channel Standel rack mount preamp (to be released). With this, all the character, sag, and interaction of the amp and preamp are retained, making for a totally natural feeling rack mount system.

The 484 is a full 3-rack spaces for a single channel and includes: Volume (push/pull to "activate"), Accent (push/pull to "activate"), 15/30 power range select, Idle/Operate select, Speaker Impedance select (4, 8 & 16 ohm), A/C Power outlet, Single-Ended input and optional Transformer Balanced input.

The Model 484 also features an all aluminum welded chassis, 1/4" thick 6061 aluminum front panel, oil and polypropylene filter caps, A&B carbon composition resistors, Teflon terminal blocks, point-to-point hand wiring, paper bobbin transformers, AF filter choke.

The front plexi panel is 1/2" think green edge acrylic that is laser etched & lighted. Tubes are: 5AR4 (1 ea), 12AX7 (1 ea), EL84 (4 ea).

Model 484 $2,700
Model 484 with optional balancing transformer $2.850

Standel Model 484 - Front

Standel Model 484 - Rear

Standel Model 484 - Side

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